ADVERTISE WITH US was developed by a successful entrepreneur, philanthropist and community volunteer, who had a vision that small businesses really do matter. "It's a simple equation. Small businesses need vibrant and active communities to stay alive and profitable". By offering continuous up-to-date offers via coupons, this has been a marketing tactic that has worked for many years. Our economy has slowed in the past few years and more people are seeking the best deals they can find around. Another good fact to know is that more and more people are using the internet for everything possible. So, the conclusion here is that, with more consumers searching the internet and seeking coupon offers from businesses in the community, small businesses could take advantage of a proven innovative and cost effective marketing platform like No need to spend a lot of money to get customers in the door. We do that, so that you can add more to your bottom line.

Here are the Numbers! is projected to attract close to 95,000 local impressions per month. Of 95,000 impressions, approximately only half of 1% will actually print your coupon offer. What does this mean? This is equal to 475 coupons printed per month for your business. Depending on the deal you offer consumers, approximately 60% will only be redeemed from that number. (Equal to 285 coupons per month) Let's say that your average sale is $10.00. ($10.00 x 285 redeemed coupons = $2,850 in additional revenue) If your profit margin was only 30%, your extra profit from using would be $855.00 per month. Is this worth investing less than $100.00 a month for your business to succeed? is an exclusive small business marketing company that has joined forces with a national advertising company, to bring together a cost effective medium that allows businesses to reel in customers locally and nationally for less than $1,000 a year.

*Did you know that when your business uses services, they donate a portion of revenues to your favorite organization and builds scholarship funding for students who perform well in high schools nationwide. Best of all, your business gets recognition for the donations.

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